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Fastback was born from the encounter between passion, matter and technical.
A culmination of a 14-month design process built around a highly codified and complex alchemy.

As a Collector and lover of beautiful pieces I always dreamed of wearing a watch that really looks like me ... but not to the neighbor's one.
A watch is like a car : It reveals our personality and our tastes. So if we can create a car which looks like us by choosing the leather of the seats or its gear box, why can’t we create our own watch !

Unique, exclusivity, purity of lines, contemporary design and powerful DNA, as well as quality and technicality were all part of the equation.


Fastback is a new breath in the watch-making landscape.
I took up the challenge of imagining a range of watches that look like no other.
Ultra-contemporary design and flowing lines are the answer to those who look for difference.
Further to Fastback very high perceived value combined with noble materials, its complication makes it a unique timepiece.


The Fastback collection is an automobile tribute echoing the codes of a car.


With Fastback I want to give an exceptional product, bringing luxury watches to the widest possible audience.


Jean-Philippe HERVET
Passionate CEO