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HERVET Watches is a French brand, driven by the passion a of one man. HERVET Watches aims to offer as many people as possible and in short circuit very high quality watchmaking products, while respecting Swiss watchmaking and voluntarily in small series.

Crafted from the finest materials available and assembled with rigorous attention to detail and quality control.

Designed, developed and assembled in-house following the highest standards of Swiss watch manufacturing.

Each timepiece is assembled by hand and tested by a team of highly skilled watchmasters to ensure highest quality, precision and longevity.
The vision, the design, the originality, the conception, everything has been carefully thought out to bring you a very technical product, with a very strong DNA.
HERVET Watches cultivates difference and is attentive to watch lovers and the market.


HERVET Watches products have all been developed after a long process. Imagining, drawing, designing, prototyping, doubting, repeating and repeating have resulted in very sophisticated, highly technical products with well-chosen proportions, materials and colours.
HERVET Watches pays particular attention to detail. From the case to the case, from the dial to the hands, the movement has been designed to offer you a disruptive watchmaking. ReadMore...


In order to offer you an exceptional product, it goes without saying that we must rely on an exceptional movement : the 505 calibre.
A Swiss chronograph, automatic, robust and precise.
No concessions have been made to ensure you an exceptional product.
Everything with us must be perfect because you trust us. Read more...

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