Be part of the team !

For the very first time in the watch industry, a brand invites you to be a real actor of a project : the Fastback project.

Imagine, you will be able to define the outlines of the project by voting among several choices which watch will be proposed in limited edition.

It is time to give watches back their nobility and stop thinking that « what is rare is expensive ».

Today the only price of rarity is your involvement in the realization of your watch !

What's more exciting than wearing a watch that you will not find anywhere else !

Who has never dreamed of wearing a watch that meets all his desires ! Tired of copied from one mark to another ?

Here is the principle :

During one month you will be able to vote among several choices : the dial, the bezel, the pushers, the case bottom, the strap material, the colors, the buckle...

What could be more exciting than to participate in such an exciting project and become the proud owner of one of the 100 pieces that will be offered.

Just come and join the Fastback team and make your desires a reality !

So don't wait, VOTE and take control.